• AC&R


    AC & R oil separators / liquid separators / oil level regulators

  • ACC


    ACC Electrolux compressors and generators for cooling and refrigeration applications

  • Alco Controls Emerson

    Alco Controls Emerson

    Alco Controls Emerson refrigeration components

    Alco Thermo-Expansion valves control the superheat of refrigerant vapor at the outlet of the evaporator. 

    They act as a throttle device between the high pressure and the low pressure sides of refrigeration systems and ensure that the rate of refrigerant flow into the evaporator exactly matches the rate of evaporation of liquid refrigerant in the evaporator. Thus the evaporator is fully utilized

    and no liquid refrigerant may reach the compressor.

    Emerson Alco Thermostatic expansion valves and mechanical regulator valves have been used in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry to control superheat and refrigerant mass flow since its very beginning.

    As today’s systems require improved energy efficiency, tighter temperature control, a wider range of operating conditions and incorporate new features like remote monitoring and diagnostics,

    the application of electronically operated valves becomes mandatory. 

    Only these offer the controls performance necessary to meet these needs. Electrical control valves are actuators only.

    For operation in a system they need sensors, valve drivers and controllers.

    Alco Solenoid valves Directly actuated: The magnetic field of the solenoid coil forces a movement of the plunger and thus causes the opening of the valve seat.

    Servo actuated: The magnetic field of the solenoid coil is only utilized for the opening of the pilot valve seat. 

    The necessary energy to actuate the piston or diaphragm of the main valve seat is provided by the refrigerant flow and results in a certain pressure drop.

    Capacity Regulators, Alco Regulator series ACP and CPHE are hot gas bypass regulators and serve the purpose of compensating excess compressor capacity.

    Thus they prevent the generation of evaporator pressures below predetermined levels.

    Alco refrigeration parts

  • Alfa Laval

    Alfa Laval


    Alfa Laval for heat transfer, separation techniques fluid stream treatment.

  • Armacell


    Armacell insulation materials for refrigeration piping

  • Aspen


    Aspen condensate removal pumps for air-conditioning

    A complete range of condensate removal pumps for the HVAC/R industry. Today end users are demanding quieter air conditioning systems in areas such as offices and hotels. Aspen Silent pumps. Aspen tank pumps are installer friendly with unsurpassed performance as standard. Aspen peristaltic pump range is ideal for commercial remote applications.

  • Belimo


    Belimo Valve actuators and spring-return actuators for air dampers

  • Bitzer


    Bitzer compressors for cooling and refrigeration applications

    Bitzer compressors and condensers

    Be it low temperature ranges (around 35°C), medium temperature applications (50°C) or high temperature systems (70°C), heat pumps with BITZER compressors always deliver outstanding efficiency and performance. This is because the compressors are built to be optimal for all conceivable applications and designed specifically for the right refrigerants. They are an investment that pays off in no time. Not only do operators save energy with the heat pumps, they recover the greatest possible amount of heat in high- and low-temperature applications and cut costs in the process. Low-temperature heat pumps with BITZER compressors achieve flow temperatures of 35°C and are exceptionally well-suited to floor heating and concrete core activation. Medium-temperature heat pumps with BITZER compressors deliver constant flow temperatures of around 50°C and the highest possible energy efficiency. Reliable and efficient, they provide warm water for showers, sanitary facilities and swimming pools. Beyond 70°C, high-temperature heat pumps operate in commercial properties and industrial facilities. With its wide range of products, BITZER has the right solution for each of these applications.

  • Blue Diamond

    Blue Diamond

    Blue Diamond, Charles Austen condensate removal pumps

    MicroBlueMiniblue, MaxiblueMegablue

  • Bock


    Bock compressors and generators for the refrigeration

  • Bristol Compressors

    Bristol Compressors

    Bristol compressors

  • Carel


    Carel controllers

  • Castel


    Castel solenoid valves for refrigeration

  • Copeland


    Copeland compressors for refrigeration / freezer applications

    Copeland Scroll technology has since become the benchmark not only in air conditioning, but heating as well. 

  • Coprel


    Coprel fans and motors for refrigeration 

    Since 1979

    Set up in Milan in 1979, Coprel was born as a family business with the purpose to deliver some excellent air technology products made with an outstanding efficient raw material.

    More than four decades later, Coprel stands out as one of the leading companies in the production and supply of electric motors, cross flow and axial fans, centrifugal blowers, gear motors and stirrers for different applications.

  • Cubigel


    Cubigel compressors for refrigeration

    Cubigel cool and freeze compressors are known from home under different brands such as Aspera and Electrolux. The quality of this hermetically sealed compressor for commercial application in cold technology is based on years of experience and quality control. Cubigel is a very good compressor for its price and quality ratio. The Cubigel compressor is manufactured in Spain Europe.

    Cubigel compressors

  • Daikin


    Daikin Genuine parts for chillers, condensing units, aggregates air-conditioning

    Genuine Daikin parts available quickly

  • Danfoss


    Danfoss mechanical and electronic components

    Danfoss refrigeration

  • Dixell


    Dixell Electronic Temperature Controllers

    Dixell help you safeguard food, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and optimize business results for supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, retailers, and transportation using integrated controls, connectivity, monitoring, services and insight solutions.

    The WING family, characterized by a high aesthetical value, presents a series of solutions able to satisfy every need in refrigeration field especially when the design becomes a fundamental, such as for cream freezers or pastry refrigerators etc... 

    This series is available in classic formats, Compact (L and V) and Split (K), with vertical or horizontal keyboard.

    Universal-R replaces the majority of refrigeration/heating industry standard 32x74 mm format controllers in their most typical applications. 

    It offers a convenient, versatile, easy to install solution, suitable for both a 12Vac/dc and a 230Vac supply.

    Innovative controllers for the optimized management of blast chillers. Designed to better manage blast chilling, freezing and food storing, they are characterized by configurability and easiness of use of the chilling cycles. 

    The highly customizable user interface and the high performances are just some of the features that allow the controllers to fully satisfy even the most demanding customers.

    Dixell Controllers for temperature, humidity and pressure management in both the industrial and commercial applications. They are characterized by the multi-probe inputs; the same instrument can be used in various applications.

    EXD-SH1/2 are stand-alone universal superheat and or temperature controllers for air conditioning units or refrigeration systems.

    Dixell controllers

  • Dorin


    Dorin semi hermetic compressors for refrigeration and air-confitioning

  • DWM Copeland

    DWM Copeland

    DWM Copeland compressors and generators

  • EBM


    EBM PAPST crossflow fans agitator motors

  • Eckerle


    Eckerle Condensate removel pumps for air-conditioning technology

    Eckerle condensation removel pumps are designed and manufactured in Germany. And that with the greatest care and high quality control. Condensation water pump with exceptional quality.

  • Eco


    Luvata ECO coolers, condensers for air conditioning and refrigeration industry

  • EDC


    EDC condensing water pumps for air conditioning

  • Elco


    Elco fan motor for Refrigeration and Heatpump

    Elco ventilator motors You can buy the cheapest at MFM-REF. Elco motors and wings are suitable for low and high temperatures in cooling and freezing equipment and stoves and building dryers

    Elco also makes motors with long shafts for fan-coil units in air conditioning and heating and satellite models that are above a suspended ceiling.

    Elco fans for cooling and freezing cells with energy-efficient ECM motors

  • Eliwell


    Eliwell Electronic controllers for refrigeration units

    Eliwell has led the world in refrigeration and air-conditioning control for forty years , designing and developing controllers and solutions with an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.

    The key to Eliwell's success lies in its Research and Development Centre , where all stages of product development take place: from design to tests, through to type-approval trials.


  • Embraco


    Embraco compressors for commercial use like cold rooms

    Embraco compressorsEmbraco compressors

  • Emerson


    Emerson Climate Technolgies

  • EMI Euro Motors Italia

    EMI Euro Motors Italia

    EMI Euro Motors Italia

    Euro Motors for fans which are suitable in cooling installations fitting in evaporators and condensers.

    Euro Motors for fans in heating equipment, such as hot air fan heaters and fan coils.

    The Euro motors factory in Italy makes many different motors, such as which are Serie 82 4 pole 1 phase motors 230 Volt with an output power of 5 to 34 watts. 

    SERIES 52 motors for refrigerated display cases 1 phase 230V 2500/rpm. 

    SERIES 83 with high torque starting capacitor. series 1002 special motors for fan coils with double long shaft. 

    The fan cabinets are used for cooling and heating in offices and shops where high air output is required with little noise.

    The Euro motors and fans are made in Italy from high-quality material. 

    EMI has a long experience with motors and can therefore usually only be found in equipment from A-brands from the professional world, such as offices, hotels, large restaurants and shops.

  • Emmevi- Fergas

    Emmevi- Fergas

    Emmevi- Fergas

  • Flexelec


    Flexelec self-regulating heating cables

  • Frascold


    Frascold semi-hermetic compressors and generators for cooling and refrigeration applications

  • Freddomatic


    Freddomatic air coolers for refrigeration units and cold storage

  • Friga-Bohn


    Friga-Bohn Euromon aggregates air-cooled "Hang in Unit" fully wired

  • Güntner


    Güntner ceiling coolers for fruit and vegetables

  • Helpman


    Helpman Dual discharge air coolers for industrial applications

  • Hemstedt


    Hemstedt heating cable

  • Henry


    Henry parts for refrigeration

  • Hidria


    Hidria external rotor motors

    Axial fans are used in the most complex energy efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems. With its competencies in planning, sample production and lab testing, the application development team ensures a quick response and the adapted construction and functioning of axial fans in line with clients’ needs or specifications.

  • Howden


    Howden compressors

    For industrial refrigeration

  • Huba


    Huba pressure sensors

  • IMO


    IMO electrical switching equipment

  • inaba denko

    inaba denko

    inaba denko leadership gutter systems

  • Johnson Controls

    Johnson Controls

    Johnson Controls components for the refrigeration

    Johnson Controls

  • Kenta Gearmotors

    Kenta Gearmotors

    Kenta Gearmotors made in Italy

  • KIMO


    Kimo frequency controllers  

  • KMP


    Virginia KMP service Dryer

  • L'Unite Hermetique

    L'Unite Hermetique

    L'Unite Hermetique compressors and generators

  • LAE


    LAE electronic controllers

    LAE Electronic controllers for a wide range of applications: storage cabinets, blast chillers and freezers, dough-retarder provers, thaw cabinets.

  • Legrand


    Legrand defrost

  • Little Giant

    Little Giant

    Little Giant condensate pumps

  • MA-VIB


    Fan motors from MA-VIB for coolers, food cabinets, evaporators, condensing units and heaters

    MA-VIB Motor EFCR05Y0.A5, EFCR07Y0.A5, EFCR10Y0.A5, EFCR16Y0.A5, EFCR25Y0.A5, EFCR34Y0.A5

  • Maneurop


    Maneurop compressors

  • OCS


    OCS fluid vessels, valves

  • Osaka


    Osaka digitale temperatuur en ontdooiregelaars voor de koeltechniek

  • Parker


    Parker solenoid

  • PEGO


    PEGO Electrical Boards for refrigerating plants

    PEGO provides qualitative after-sales assistance throughout the lifetime of its products. A line of electrical control panels for cold rooms with single-phase compressor up to 2 HP, specially designed

  • Prodigy


    Prodigy thermostats italiana 

  • Ranco


    Ranco  thermostats and pressostats

  • Raychem


    Raychem heating cables

  • Refco


    Refco parts for refrigeration

    REFCO Swiss made. condensate removal pumps, Refco Karoo, Refco Combi and Refco Gobi II

  • Rotomatika


    Rotomatika Hidria axial fans with EC motors



    SAMON Gas detection for the refrigeration industry.

  • Sanyo


    Sanyo Scroll compressoren

  • Sauermann


    Sauermann condensing water pumps for air conditioning

  • Siccom


    SICCOM condensing water pumps for air conditioning

  • Siemens


    Siemens electronic overheating rulesets

  • Sporlan


    Sporlan components for refrigeration plants

    Sporlan provides a variety of innovative products to help engineers solve inherent refrigeration industry challenges.

  • Sunon


    Sunon compact fans

  • Swep


    SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers

  • Tecumseh


    Tecumseh refrigeration compressors and condensing units

  • Temprite


    Temprite filter driers and oil separators

  • Totaline



  • Trial


    Trial cross-flow fans

  • VDH Products

    VDH Products

    VDH complete control systems for Refrigeration and freezer rooms VDH Products

    VDH Alfa, VDH Alfanet, 

  • Wilo


    Wilo Pumps for condensate