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Alco Controls Emerson refrigeration components

Alco Controls

Alco controls offers a wide range of

expansion valves, filter dryers, valves, oil management products, pressure

transducers, pressure switches , etc.

All parts of Alco Controls, both mechanically and electronically to refrigeration, air conditioning control, and are designed and manufactured

to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. The electronic Expansion valve EX is world most wanted

Alco Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions offers a wide range of innovative products, solutions.

As one of the industry’s most trusted brands, Alco Emerson is leading the development of the next generation of refrigeration technology. Emerson been putting companies like yours ahead of the curve for years. From highly efficient compressors, electronics and refrigeration units to smart technologies, Alco have the products and solutions designed to protect and maintain food quality.

From keeping investment and operating costs at bay to staying ahead of regulation compliance and maintaining food quality from farm to fork.

With the industry now in the midst of sweeping regulations, Alco Emerson is the right partner for future-proof refrigeration and provide the widest range of integrated solutions, including compressors, drives, electronics, flow controls and gas valves. like Electrical control valves series EX4-8 - Multifunction as expansion valve, hot gas bypass, suction gas throttling, head pressure, liquid level actuator etc.

OW4 and OW5 TraxOil are intended for systems which require oil level monitoring and alarming instead of active oil level balancing.

Alco Controls' full range of hermetic and non-hermetic filter driers for all applications. Alco Controls selection of moisture / liquid indicators. 

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