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Fan for refrigeration like evaporator and condenser. Elco fan. EMI fan EBM-Papst fan. Hidria Fan. MA-VIB fan.

Most fans that are used in cooling technology are in stock or can be delivered quickly.

Commercial refrigeration technology and industrial refrigeration installations use our fans. MFM-REF only sells original and new fans for evaporators, condensers, dryers, Chillers, cooling units and Heaters. Many fans are universally applicable and have different mounting options

Hidria Axial fans are used in the most complex energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling systems. The construction ensures maximum compactness of fans, excellent motor cooling, low noise levels and high energy efficiency. Due to the construction of AC fans in all sizes, the fan can be connected directly with the power cable. Even more universal is the possibility to connect the fan to the power supply with a connected terminal box.

Elco fans core business is to find personalized solutions for OEMs operating in the refrigeration sector looking for high quality motors. The wide range of alternatives is combined with a range of accessories in plastic, steel or aluminum and offers the best performance for every application and market. The products are VDE or UL / CSA approved and are manufactured close to our customers in the factories in Italy, China or Brazil. In 1998, the very first prototype of the Elco Energy Saving (ECM) motor was presented, using Elco protected intellectual property, a highly efficient alternative to traditional shaded pole motors. The standard applications for these motors are in refrigerated display cases, cold stores, ice / slush machines and small evaporation / condensation units.

EBM-Papst The truly space-saving axial fans from EBM-Papst are used to exchange hot and cold air in all kinds of devices and systems. Their outstanding features include a shallow installation depth, low noise level and excellent efficiency, making them particularly suitable for conveying air through heat exchangers. With axial fans, which work in the same way as a propeller, the air is transported parallel to the rotating motor shaft in an axial direction.

Emmevi Fergas Cross flow fans are used in many applications such as flame effect fireplaces, dishwashers, medical equipment and many types of electronic cooling applications. The cross flow fans are also widely used in refrigerated and freezer furniture. It is offered in a variety of lengths and diameters, single and twin units with a wide range of motors

EURO MOTORS ITALIA is a company specializing in the production of electric motors and fan units for cooling and air conditioning. EMI motor manufacturing covers the range of 2 to 600 watts of output power and includes shielded pole motors, permanent capacitors and three-phase motors with UL and VDE certifications. Fan unit production, on the other hand, covers the range from 50 to 4,500 m3 /

MA-VIB has been a leader in the production of high quality shaded pole and capacitor motors for over 50 years, along with a comprehensive range of reliable axial and centrifugal fan units. This long experience of MA-VIB, together with the cooperation of customers, has led MA-VIB to market reliable and high-quality products that meet many requirements in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heating.


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