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Filter Driers

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Filter Driers for refrigeration 

  • filter driers protect your air conditioning system from moisture, acids and solid particles.
  • DCR filter driers are delivered with exchangeable cores for use in liquid and suction lines using fluorinated refrigerants.filter drier is designed for air conditioning systems that require high moisture removal capacity.
  • Filter driers are optimized for HFC refrigerants and mineral or benzene oils.
  • The filter driers are hermetic and approved for 46 bar. Filter driers are delivered with flare or copper/copper plated steel connections.
  • bi-flow filter driers ensure that refrigerant liquid always flows through the filter drier from the outer side of the filter core towards the center.
  • In this way, all dirt particles are retained regardless of the flow direction.

Filter Driers for refrigeration Alco, Danfoss, Henry,Refco, Virginia

Filter Driers