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Güntner air coolers for cold storage evaporator and freezer room

With nearly a century of technological and engineering excellence in refrigeration, our air coolers are second to none. High quality, robust and reliable products – give your business the very best.

A wide range of Güntner air cooled products come with an HACCP certification too, to meet your country’s hygiene requirements.

What’s more, all of the Güntner COMPACT coolers come with a 3-year warranty as standard, giving you even more peace of mind.

Building on nearly a century of technological and engineering excellence, we are proud to continue to deliver impactful refrigeration and cooling solutions for our partners. 

While each of our projects is unique, they all are unified in striving for a better future. We’re delighted to be part of our customers' success stories. 

The Güntner  Cubic COMPACT Air Cooler is designed for high efficiency while boasting a cubic design to fit perfectly into medium-sized cold rooms like in supermarkets or catering businesses.

Designed for long rooms with high air change rates, the Güntner Dual COMPACT Air Cooler distributes air towards both directions from the centre of the room.

An ideal cooling solution for rooms with constant coming and going like delivery zones, pre-cooling rooms, and picking areas – where the air constantly escapes and temperature levels will vary.

the Güntner Mini COMPACT Air Cooler is our flattest air cooler yet. Its compact size combined with its simple yet effective design makes it a perfect fit for small-scale use cases.

e. g. in grocery shops, restaurants, or canteens calling for a practical and affordable cooling solution.

the Güntner Slim COMPACT Air Cooler is the ideal cooling solution for small and low cold stores.

The flat air cooler design occupying very little space allowing optimal use of the cold room, such as in hospitality or convenience stores.

Güntner air coolers for cold storage evaporator and freezer room