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BlueDiamond from Charles Austen condensate removal pumps for air conditioning

Charles Austen Pumps Ltd made. BLUE DIAMOND® condensate removal pumps are designed, tested and manufactured in house, meeting a strict approach to quality (ISO 9001).

Utilising patented rotary diaphragm and GyRok™ technology, BLUEDIAMOND® pumps offer a new approach to quietly and reliably remove large quantities of condensate.

Charles Austen Pumps Ltd specialised R&D department constantly seek to develop and improve the way condensate is removed from both air conditioning systems and super market fridges.

Everything from design to distribution, the BLUEDIAMOND® pump team takes pride in every single product dispatched from our global warehouse facilities.

All of the patented pumping principles that BLUEDIAMOND® use are self priming. Theres no need to siphon the pump before use due to its run dry abilities.

Flow rates remain powerful when high lift/head applications are applied, this gives you a competitive edge and versatility in every installation.

All of the BLUEDIAMOND® pumps in the range have the ability to run dry without burning out. Enabling them to remove any liquids preventing organic growth in the tubing.

The BLUEDIAMOND®has the only ductless pump on the market that can remove sediment/debris with no need for filters or regular servicing intervals.

BLUEDIAMOND® condensate removal pumps were the first in the industry to offer the market leading 3 year warranty. 

Due to the reliable and patented pumping technologies the warranty covers all of the pumps in the range. Charles Austen Pumps Ltd have faith in our reliability and so can you.

BLUEDIAMOND works on the basis that for every 1 L/HR of condensate produced it will equal 1KW of cooling. For example: 10KW Air-conditioning unit will produce 10 L/HR of condensate.

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BlueDiamond - Charles Austen condensate removal pumps for air conditioning