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ECO Unit Coolers, ECO Evaporators

ECO-Modine produces unit coolers, brine coolers, and CO2 coolers to suit all kinds of cooling requirements.

Whether you’re using the latest or last-generation refrigerant fluids, keeping a cabinet at the right temperature, chilling a small cold room for butchery.

Keeping a medium-sized room cold for a supermarket, or even creating big-blast freezing tunnels, we can help. 

High efficiency coils, magnesium aluminum casing, and low consumption fan motors come as standard in all our coolers.

For more than 40 years we have been designing and improving our 

products in response to rigorous regulations and market requirements. 

To guarantee the high quality of our products and our services we are 

ISO 9001, ISO 14000 certified. Moreover, we have obtained accreditations 

by other authoritative and official international associations. 

The broad experience we have acquired in many years of continuous hard 

work is at your disposal. This latest comprehensive edition of our General 

Catalogue together with two other tools, listed below, will allow you to 

carry out quick selections of ECO by Modine products that best fit your 

needs but also give answers to some of your queries:

All the fan motors fitted in “ECO Heat Transfer Coolers” branded products comply with the 2009/125/EC 

Directive, meet the EU energy guidelines and are CE marked as they are manufactured in accordance to the 

European directives in force. 

ECO Unit Coolers, ECO Evaporators for refrigeration and freeze application

ECO Modine