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Dixell temperature controllers for refrigeration and freezing systems and refrigeration units

Dixell help you safeguard food, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and optimize business results for supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, retailers, and transportation using integrated controls, connectivity, monitoring, services and insight solutions.

The WING family, characterized by a high aesthetical value, presents a series of solutions able to satisfy every need in refrigeration field especially when the design becomes a fundamental, such as for cream freezers or pastry refrigerators etc... 

This series is available in classic formats, Compact (L and V) and Split (K), with vertical or horizontal keyboard.

Universal-R replaces the majority of refrigeration/heating industry standard 32x74 mm format controllers in their most typical applications. 

It offers a convenient, versatile, easy to install solution, suitable for both a 12Vac/dc and a 230Vac supply.

Innovative controllers for the optimized management of blast chillers. Designed to better manage blast chilling, freezing and food storing, they are characterized by configurability and easiness of use of the chilling cycles. 

The highly customizable user interface and the high performances are just some of the features that allow the controllers to fully satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Dixell Controllers for temperature, humidity and pressure management in both the industrial and commercial applications. They are characterized by the multi-probe inputs; the same instrument can be used in various applications.

EXD-SH1/2 are stand-alone universal superheat and or temperature controllers for air conditioning units or refrigeration systems.

Dixell temperature controllers for refrigeration and freezer systems and refrigerated cabinets