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Samon safe gas leakage detection

Samon has a wide product range for detection of various gases and related control solutions. Samon have extensive experience of systems for cost effective and safe gas detection, both on land and on the marine side. Samon aim to offer reliable and cost effective solutions for applications where gas detection is essential. An early detection of a gas leakage is essential for safety, economy and especially the environment.

To supply products and services that comply or exceed with applicable requirements to them, requirements from legislation and/or specified by the client, and all others not specified by the client but necessary for the use of the products. To continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System and, as a result, the efficiency and productivity of the organization, as well as its members personal and professional satisfaction. To increase the profitability and competitiveness of the company, thus ensuring its future growth and continuity.

Samon Refrigerant Gas Detection, Commercial & Industrial. for rooms,