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EBM PAPST crossflow fans agitator motors

EBM-PAPST fans for cooling, ventilation and air conditioning

When used in evaporators, heat pumps or other ventilation and air conditioning equipment, axial fans must meet strict requirements. After all, the cold side of the cooling circuit is known for its difficult environmental conditions. Therefore, there is a demand for electrically and mechanically robust solutions, which must also be energy efficient.

EBMPAPST Benelux strives for the highest possible quality in its services and products. In order to achieve this, the organization and the processes are continuously critically examined and, where necessary, adjusted to better respond to the demands that the market places on ebm-papst Benelux.

Product quality is monitored by ebm-papst. ebm-papst is strongly committed to delivering top quality that has no equal. This naturally applies to both the products and the services that are provided. This consistently high quality is guaranteed by meeting strict standards with regard to the quality of products and organization.






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