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VDH complete control systems for Refrigeration and freezer rooms VDH Products

 VDH Products is a modern and customer-oriented organization with global loyal customers.

This range of TK thermometers is specially designed for use in cold rooms and other refrigeration installations.

VDH Products supplies a wide and deep range of thermostats. The thermostats are available in different housings and power supplies and are equipped with various control functions, including modulating control, PI control and solid state. In accordance with other VDH products, the thermostats at VDH Products are also equipped with the highest quality components for a long service life. Special versions are available in consultation.

The PROBA 5 is the latest generation fruit ripening regulators for ripening chambers and the most recent addition to the successful PROBA series. Its predecessors have proven to be a true business asset worldwide, as they are reliable, versatile, economical and simple to use. The PROBA 5 ripening system is the latest improved generation. It gives you even more comprehensive control and has been reprogrammed. The PROBA ripening system enables you to connect more than 100 regulators, it is easy to programme and it has an Ethernet connection.

The Alfa series of hygrostats consists of a compact three-stage hygrostat with neutral zone for DIN rail mounting or panel mounting.

The VDH temperature sensor range consists of various options, including PTC, NTC, PT-100, PT-1000 elements and various cable types such as PVC, silicone and Teflon. There is also the option to select the number of wires in the cable. Furthermore, under the temperature sensors you can find special sensors for different applications, such as frozen meat sensors, Mushroom sensors, piercing sensors, potato sensors, but also for air or channel sensors.

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Alfanet 53 Alfanet 55RTDF Alfanet 71PI Alfanet 71RTDN Alfanet 71 electronic Alfanet 72  Alfanet 73 Alfanet 75 RTDF Alfanet 85 Alfanet 95 Alfanet 95DR Alfanet MC585   MC785SC LMS digital LMS Relais MC785-DF-2  MC3 controller PX25-4   RH-95T-2  RH980/T  SM830

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