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Eliwell Electronic controllers for refrigeration units

Eliwell plays a successful role in the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry, offering products and solutions characterized by the high level of technological innovation and efficiency.
The current trends in refrigeration continue to confirm the ever-growing need to provide reliable system solutions that offer the installer and the user real economic savings and comply with environmental standards.

Electronic controllers for static, ventilated refrigerators and heated surfaces in the catering industry.

Enriched by functions such as Deep Cooling Cycle, advanced algorithm that allows a rapid reduction in temperature.

Easy Map, function that allows multiple preloaded machine configurations.

Condenser Over Heating, function that allows monitoring of the compressor discharge temperature, notifying the need for maintenance of the condenser.

With direct control of the single-phase compressors up to 2 HP for on-board installation.

Eliwell operates all over the world through a network of agencies.

Distributors and partners now further strengthened by membership of the Schneider Electric group, delivering a full service to customers everywhere.

Eliwell has led the world in refrigeration and air-conditioning control for forty years , designing and developing controllers and solutions with an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.

The key to Eliwell's success lies in its Research and Development Centre , where all stages of product development take place: from design to tests, through to type-approval trials.


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