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SECOP compressors for Stationary Cooling business segment.

Secop is a very well-established and experienced player with a tradition of high quality, innovation, and application engineering, and customer service. Secop was formerly known as Danfoss Compressors and is one of the founding fathers of modern compressor technology with years of experience that goes back to the beginning of the 1950s. Since September 2019, Secop has belonged to ESSVP IV, advised by Orlando Management AG, a private equity firm with a long and successful track record in developing business in the industrial sector.

Secop compressors help reduce the environmental impact of commercial refrigeration. They are the ideal choice for customers who want to protect the environment and save on energy costs.

Secop compressors for Stationary Cooling business segment. Refrigeration compressors and solutions for food retail, food service, medical, commercial freezers or coolers, beverage dispensers, special commercial equipment, and selected residential applications.

Secop compressors for Medical Cooling business segment. Refrigeration compressors and solutions for various vaccine and biomedical cooling requirements including ULT models for stationary or mobile appliances providing world-wide safe storage or transport

Secop is committed to conducting business in an ethical and legal manner throughout the world. Secop’s managers, employees, agents, and representatives are expected to act in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards in all aspects of their business activities.

Secop have more than 65 years of experience in designing reliable and efficient solutions for the light commercial refrigeration market.

MFM-REF offers a range of Secop compressors for purchase. MFM-REF provides Danfoss (Secop) compressors at competitive prices.

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