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Sporlan filter driers / suction line filter / sight glasses

Sporlan provides a variety of innovative products to help engineers solve inherent refrigeration industry challenges. 

For over 80 years the Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin has set the industry standard for the development

and manufacture of leading edge HVACR components. Our outside technical sales force and application

engineering team focuses on refrigeration system applications and troubleshooting for service technicians,

distribution channel partners, and original equipment manufacturers. 

These products ensure optimal performance, digital transformation, efficiency and, overall, help them build a better tomorrow.

THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE - SPORLAN Used in food service and food retain applications, these valves feature laser welded stainless steel elements, capillary tubes and sensing bulb assemblies and are optimized for reliability. 

They regulate refrigerant flow by maintaining a nearly constant superheat at the evaporator outlet.

REFRIGERANT FILTERS & DRYERS Sporlan Parker offers a variety of filter driers for air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration systems. 

These highly efficient driers are ideal for applications that require moisture removal, contaminant filtration and acid elimination.

Sporlan solenoid valves XUP serie with the solenoid coil OMKC is the best valve for refrigeration plants.

Sporlan normally closed solenoid valves primary purpose is to control automatically the flow of fluids, liquid or gas. Sporlan Solenoid Valves may be applied on a wide variety of applications


• Air Conditioning – Residential, Heat pumps, Chillers, Commercial units, Industrial

• Food Service units - Ice Machines, Slush Machines

• Refrigeration – Cases, Freezers, Walkin units, Self-contained units

• Industrial Refrigeration

• Transportation – Truck/Trailer, Buses, Rail, Vans, Reefers 

Sporlan refrigeration components

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