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Capillary Thermostats Prodigy

Called "capillary" due to its very thin tube, Prodigy capillary thermostat is an electrical switch that controls or limits the temperature based on customers' requests. 

When the temperature reaches a predefined threshold the liquid located inside the thermostat expands and (dis)connects the switch. 

Prodiy capillary thermostats are used in various applications such as:

  • refrigeration
  • heat pumps
  • steam cleaning machines
  • household appliances
  • coffee machines
  • washing machines
  • ovens
  • fridges

This well-established technology still requires the professional expertise that Prodigy provides in order to manufacture the fast-snapping switch and the super thin membrane with precision.

Prodigy currently offers six different sub-categories of capillary thermostats that are either a complete regulating thermostat or a safety thermostat.

Produced by Cebi Group in Poland

Key characteristics

  • Large variety of designs based on customer requirements
  • Proven reliability
  • Integration of other functions
  • With 497 CE, ENEC and UL certifications
  • Temperature range: -35° to 360°C (under certain conditions)
  • Voltage range: 16 V to 400 V
  • Capillary length: 55-3500 mm
  • Terminal range: up to 3

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