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Euro Motors Italia

EURO MOTORS ITALIA is a company specializing in the production of electric motors and fan units for refrigeration and air conditioning.

The production of motors covers the range from 2 to 600 watts of power output and includes motors with shielded pole, permanent capacitor and three-phase motors with UL and VDE certifications. The production of fan units, on the other hand, covers the range from 50 to 4,500 m3 / h: the design of the individual units is based on the specific needs of the customer.

EMI also provides customer support for the design of fan units: in fact, in EUROMOTORS there is a state-of-the-art laboratory that allows the verification and measurement of the air flow of fan decks and fan coils and the measurement of the sound pressure level through a reverberating chamber certified by the Galileo Ferraris Institute (certificate n ° 36280-1).

The company since 2004 enjoys the VDE certification of the production process and of the CE, VDE and UL regulations. It is necessary to move to the historic warehouse of Cambiago where the company has the possibility to extend its customer service with the construction of the noise test chamber certified by the Galileo Ferraris Institute. Riding the favorable wave of the moment, in 2004 the company merged with the winding section (ex-MEAV) and made a new transfer to the Grezzago plant (12,000 m2). Currently the fan units produced by EUROMOTORS represent about 50% of the current production of FAN COILS in Europe, for this reason it is possible to qualify the company as the first European producer in the sector.

Euro Motors Italia was born in 1989 in Masate from the will of a team of Managers who, seeing in the field of ventilation and air conditioning large spaces for growth, start the business: five employees and a 1000mq laboratory. The production is initially concentrated only on shielded pole motors to then expand with the wide range of products that it is able to offer today. In 1994, the company experienced its period of greatest expansion: more than 40 employees, expansion of production with the lines of condenser motors (type 83 and 102) and fan coil units.

















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