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Refco parts for refrigeration

As a traditional Swiss company, Refco have been committed to the highest quality for 50 years, developing and manufacturing parts and condensate pumps for

professional refrigeration and air conditioning and innovative technologies wherever their use makes sense.

Intelligent and reliable solutions that reliably measure the water level.

The quality, delivery capability and innovation from Refco products is appreciated by our worldwide customers.

Flexible solutions for demanding applications – first-class materials ensure safety, durability and user-friendly handling. 

In addition, our hoses can also be custom-made.

Refco made Adapter, access-valve-fittings, Capillary tube, Heavy Duty Brass Fittings, service dryers, condensate removal pumps, Refco Karoo, Refco Combi and Refco Gobi II

Refco Karoo, Combi, Gobi II

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