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Every substantial facility needs efficient, reliable climate control. Today, Johnson Controls offers the largest portfolio of HVAC equipment and controls in the world. 

You can find our solutions at work in offices and factories, in warehouses and stores, in campuses and hospitals, in apartment buildings and hotels.

Johnson Controls broad portfolio of solutions and controls is built on a foundation of innovation and expertise that dates back more than a century when our founder, Warren Johnson, invented the first modern thermostat. 

Whether you’re constructing a new facility or retrofitting an old one, we deliver cost-effective comfort and sustainable efficiency.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of industrial refrigeration, cooling, heating, and energy solutions, Johnson Controls is a critical enabler of our modern lifestyles. 

By providing you with the ability to precisely and reliably control the temperature of your manufacturing processes, supply chains, or operating environments, Johnson Controls help you to guarantee product and service quality.

Johnson Controls have experience in all industrial sectors where energy-optimised temperature transfer is required. 

For over 100 years, PENN controls have helped customers with their HVACR applications with a full portfolio of temperature, pressure and humidity controls. 

Commercial refrigeration applications range from display cases and food service equipment to food storage rooms and processing equipment. PENN controls also preserve dairy and agricultural products, as well as the pharmaceutical cold chain.

To meet the latest food safety standards, PENN leverages emerging technologies such as IoT for real-time data to optimize commercial refrigeration system efficiency and reliability. 

Smart electronic refrigeration controllers improve system efficiency, provide application flexibility and network integration and, are easy to install and operate.

Temperature control is key to cost-effective operation of walk-in coolers and freezers. Keep fans running, protect compressors and detect refrigerant leaks.

pressure-actuated modulating valve for closed or open systems. Direct-acting valves open on pressure and low switches respond to fluid flow in lines carrying water.

Pressure controls are precision-engineered for fan cycling pressure applications. Temperature control features a special air coil sensing element and adjustable mounting flange.

The P77 and P78 series pressure controls may be used for control functions or limit functions, depending on model number. All models are provided with alarm contacts. 

All standard models have phosphor bronze bellows and brass pressure connections. Models for use with ammonia are provided with stainless steel bellows and connectors.

The V46 and V46SA Pressure actuated watervalve. These pressure actuated modulating valves control the quantity of water to a condenser by directly sensing pressure changes in a refrigerant circuit. 

The valves can be used in non-corrosive refrigerant systems. 

Ammonia power elements and valves designed for salt-water applications are available. The valves have a quick opening characteristic and open on pressure increase (direct acting). Reverse acting (close on pressure increase) is possible.

A48, A36 and 270XT Controls are compact with fixed differential per stage and (on most models) adjustable differential between stages. 

Liquid filled element provides wide range, constant differential over whole range and no influence from barometric pressure. 

Since the bulb contains the major portion of the total fill the thermostat may by considered as cross-ambient, capillary and cup temperature variations affect the operating point only slightly due to the small amount of fill they contain.

For quantity orders it is possible to have the below stated optional constructions: - Without case and cover for panel mounting - Close differential per stage - Different capillary lengths

The F61 liquid flow switches can be used in liquid lines carrying water, sea water, swimming pool water, ethylene glycol or other liquids not harmful to the specified materials. 

The switches have SPDT contacts and can be wired to energise one device and de-energise another when liquid flow either exceeds or drops below the set flow rate. Pipe insert models and the T-body types for low-flow applications are available.

W43 These room humidistats are designed to control humidification or dehumidification equipment. It provides SPDT control. 

The sensing element consists of carefully selected and processed human hair, proven to be the most sensitive and stable material known for this application. Under normal conditions these controls retain their sensitivity and accuracy for many years.

P499 series is a new global pressure transducer with an excellent price performance ratio. The P499 exceeds the latest industrial CE/UL requirements including surge protection, and is over voltage protected in both positive and reverse polarity. 

The P499 is designed to produce a linear analogue signal based on the sensed pressure. The pressure port is machined from a solid piece of 17-4PH stainless steel. There are no O-rings or welds that are exposed to the pressure media. 

This results in a leak proof ,all metal sealed pressure system which withstand more than 10 million pressure cycles without failure.

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