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Assembly of compressors and refrigerating units.

Refrigeration compressors don't just go faulty this has in 98% of all cases a cause. Find out why the compressor is defective.

This can by:

• low refrigerant which means that the motor windings are not cooled sufficiently.

• Too many starts in succession , there must be at least 5 minutes between each start and max. 6 per hour

• too high pressure by failing condenser motor or clogged condenser

• Old oil from the system mixes with the new , no burn-out filter used to

• Filter dryer is not replaced at the exchange , too much moisture in the oil.

 • Old mineral oil mixed with synthetic oil mixes in retrofit

• Liquid is started by a defective expansion valve or over filling of liquid gas.

• Outside of acceptable conditions of the manufacturer running.

To claim warranty on a faulty compressor is very difficult.

It must be demonstrated that the replacement/commissioning according to the rules has expired and the compressor has operated under acceptable conditions.

Also to be ensured that the compressor is not on a system is placed where it still remains sour oil was from the old compressor.

• Always have the filter/dryer be replaced.

• If the old compressor burnt must be a burn-out filter extra be placed.

• Care for a company set report with measured pressures and temperatures.

If these conditions are not don well,  a warranty claim by the compressor manufacturers have no chance.