CSS-25U soft starter for refrigeration compressors Emerson pcn805205
  • CSS-25U soft starter for refrigeration compressors Emerson pcn805205

CSS-25U Alco Emerson compressor Soft Starter 805205-805209


CSS-25U Alco Emerson Soft Starter for mono fase compressors  PCN (805205/ 805209)

Emerson CSS25-U Soft starter ensures that your 1-phase heat pump starts up without a dip in the mains.

The Alco CSS25U is produced in Poland for Emerson Climate Technologies.

The CSS-25U PCN 805205 has a maximum starting current limit.

The built-in start capacitor is only turned on during compressor start.

Old ESC-255 =CSS-25U

  • replace ESC-255 PCN805175 
  • 230-1-50 
  • for 1-phase compressors
  • Also for Scroll compressors.
  • R=R




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CSS25U Emerson electronic soft starter for Copeland compressors (805205/ 805209)

 Emerson CSS-25U 

  • A unique feature is the alarm relay output, which allows signaling operating conditions to a supervisory system.
  • Emerson is proud to announce, that the well known and proven Compressor Soft Starters are now available in a version which the independent test lab VDE has approved per EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-40
  • The Compressor Soft Starter CSS is used for switching, protection and start current limitation of single phase compressors in heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
  • It is intended for compressors with maximum operating current up to 25A CSS will limit the start current to less than 45 A. 
  • It can be used in 50 Hz or 60 Hz supply mains without manual adjustment or calibration, as it is self adjusting to motor current. 
  • The internal start capacitor provides improved motor start torque and is switched off after start.
  • The Soft Starters automatically limit the start current based on the connected compressor size.
  • In case of alarm a signal is indicated by the red LED.
  • Emerson pcn 805205
  • replace ESC-255 PCN805175

Emerson is a well-known company that manufactures a wide range of electrical and automation products, including soft starters. A soft starter is an electrical device used to gradually start and stop electric motors, reducing the sudden mechanical and electrical stress on the motor and the connected equipment. Soft starters are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications to enhance the efficiency and lifespan of motors.

Emerson offers a variety of soft starters under their Control Techniques brand, which is known for its advanced motor control solutions. These soft starters are designed to provide smooth acceleration and deceleration of motors, thereby reducing wear and tear on mechanical components and preventing electrical disturbances on the power grid.

Some of the features typically found in Emerson's soft starters may include:

Motor protection: Soft starters often include built-in motor protection features such as overload protection, phase imbalance protection, and thermal protection to ensure the motor operates safely.

Voltage ramping: Soft starters allow for adjustable voltage ramp-up and ramp-down times, ensuring a gradual start and stop, which is especially important for heavy loads or applications where shock loads need to be minimized.

Torque control: Some soft starters provide precise control over the motor's torque during startup, allowing for smoother acceleration and preventing excessive current spikes.

Communication options: Many modern soft starters support communication protocols like Modbus, Profibus, or Ethernet/IP, enabling integration into larger control and automation systems.

Display and diagnostics: Soft starters often come with built-in displays or interfaces that provide real-time monitoring and diagnostics, making it easier for operators to troubleshoot issues.

Emerson's soft starters are used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, mining, water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, and more. They offer various models and configurations to accommodate different motor sizes and application requirements.

Keep in mind that product offerings and specifications may change over time, so it's a good idea to visit Emerson's official website or contact their sales and support teams for the most up-to-date information on their soft starter products.

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CSS-25U - CSS-32U Alco Emerson

PCN 805205 - PCN 805204 soft starter

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ESC-255 and ESC-325

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