C-SCP270H38B Sanyo compressor Scroll Panasonic 380/415V-3-50HzHz
  • C-SCP270H38B Sanyo compressor Scroll Panasonic 380/415V-3-50HzHz
  • C-SCP270H38B Sanyo compressor Scroll Panasonic 380/415V-3-50HzHz

C-SCP270H38B Sanyo compressor Scroll Panasonic 380/415V-3-50HzHz


C-SCP270H38B Sanyo compressor hermetic Scroll Panasonic 


  Medium/high temperatures for refrigeration and air conditioning R410A



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C-SCP270H38B Sanyo compressor scroll Panasonic

Voltage 380/415 V | 50/60 hz | 3 ph Horse power 8 CV Displacement cm3 89.20 cm3 Cooling capacity at ARI conditions, R410A 22.4 kW Refrigerant R410A Suction pipe 1 inch Discharge pipe 3/4 inch Weight 69 Kg Current 15.90 A Start-up intensity (rotor blocked) 106 A A Maximum service intensity 22.30 A Type of oil FV68S Recharge oil 2600 cc

Sound level 68 dB Temperature Medium/high Ambient temperature 35 ºC Technologies Fixed speed Heat pump No Maximum shell bottom temperature 90 ºC Maximum discharge temperature 115 ºC Maximum winding temperature 115 ºC Type of motor cooling Natural Type of refrigerant R410A Motor type 3-PH Induction Motor (3IR) Motor protection type Interno Speed 2900 rpm Low pressure design 2.21 M Pa High pressure design 4.15 M Pa


Sanyo, Panasonic scroll compressors have high reliability proven in decades of market applications. They are designed with low sound and high adaptability to ambient temperature, as well as less space occupation in saving place and energy. Sanyo, Panasonic will keep devoted to advanced technology and continuously provide highly reliable scroll compressors with a wide variety of power source and various applications of environment-friendly refrigerant.

Sanyo and Panasonic rotary compressors are highly appraised for their compactness and light weight, while being highly efficient. Sanyo and Panasonic’s highly reliable rotary compressor is famous in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

We offer C-SB, C-SD, C-SC series compressors. for Air-conditioning and refrigeration applications 

SSanyo is a Japanese company that manufactures a wide range of products, including compressors. Compressors are mechanical devices used to increase the pressure of a gas, and they are commonly found in various applications, such as air conditioning, refrigeration, and industrial processes.

Sanyo compressors are often used in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry and in refrigeration systems. Sanyo offers various types of compressors, including rotary compressors, scroll compressors, and reciprocating compressors. These compressors differ in terms of their design, operation, and application.

Rotary Compressors: Sanyo rotary compressors are known for their compact design and quiet operation. They are commonly used in residential and commercial air conditioning systems. These compressors work by using a rotating vane or blade to compress refrigerant gas.

Scroll Compressors: Sanyo scroll compressors are known for their energy efficiency and reliability. They are widely used in air conditioning and heat pump systems. Scroll compressors operate by using two spiral-shaped scrolls that interlock, compressing the refrigerant gas.

Sanyo has a reputation for producing high-quality compressors that are used by many HVAC and refrigeration system manufacturers around the world. When selecting a compressor for a specific application, factors such as capacity, efficiency, and reliability are essential considerations.

Please note that the availability and specific models of Sanyo compressors may vary over time, so it's advisable to check the latest product offerings and specifications from Sanyo or their parent company if you are looking for specific details about their compressors.

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