ID985LX Eliwell 12Vac/dc Degela termostato
  • ID985LX Eliwell 12Vac/dc Degela termostato

ID985LX Eliwell 12Vac/dc Degela termostato

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ID985LX Eliwell Degela termostato 12V

  • Substitui as ID-EWPX-EWDB-EWDC EWPC-séries existentes.
  • número de sensores: 3
  • fonte de alimentação: 12Vac/dc


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ID985LX Eliwell 12Vac/dc Degela termostato 

  • The value read by the sensor is displayed using three digits and the minus sign.
  • Qucik and easy installation
  • IP65 certification, for places with
  • 32x74 mm front panel for absolute adaptability to any refrigerating system
  •  The ID 985 LX are the best electronic devices optimized for use in supermarket refrigeration systems, guaranteeing quality and safety in preserving fresh and deep-frozen food, along with the best performance and energy preservation.
  • They are provided with serial TTL port for the  connection to TelevisSystem or to systems based on Modbus protocol.
  • Other models available:     ID 985 LX HotGas - with hot gas defrosting
  •                                         ID 985 LX HACCP - with yearly calendar
  • Power supply: 12 V a / c ±10% 50/60 Hz
  • Decimal point
  • The Buzzer is optional
  • The ID 985 LX is provided with 3 analogue inputs for NTC temperature probes (PTC can be selected by parameter) to manage refrigerating room and defrost, and to display an additional temperature value. 4 relay digital outputs, which are voltage-free, are suitable for managing compressor, defrost, fans, evaporator, and alarm; the alarm relay can also be configured to manage an auxiliary charge, such as lights.
  • The 2 digital inputs can be set to work as microports, or for remote activation of defrosting cycle, reduced set, auxiliary charge, and an alarm signal.
  • The defrosting cycle can be stopped at a set time, or a defined end cycle temperature using the appropriate probe placed on the evaporator.
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