EWDR985 Eliwell 230Vac de degelo termostatos
  • EWDR985 Eliwell 230Vac de degelo termostatos

EWDR985 Eliwell 230Vac de degelo termostatos

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EWDR985 Eliwell 230Vac de degelo termostatos 

  • Eletrônica de degelo termostatos para versões de trilho DIN-aplicações de refrigeração/congelador.
  • Entradas:  3 PTC ou NTC Sensores (exclusivo).
  • Mestre de painel proteção: IP20.
  • Dimensões: 70 x 85 mm 4 DIN módulo, painel, de profundidade = 61 mm.


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EWDR985 Eliwell 230Vac de degelo termostatos 

  • The power unitis provided with two NTC (PTC can be set by parameter) thermostatic probe inputs and up to four relay outputs for compressor, defrost, alarm and evaporator fans management.
  • The defrost cycle can be stopped at aset time or, thanks to the sensor on the evaporator, when the cycle completion temperature has been reached.
  • The master unit, provided with a programmable digital input, allows viewing the value that the probe read on the three digit and a minus sign display; the reading with thedecimal point can be set by parameter.
  • The Buzzer is optional.
  • All models are provided with TTL connection to enable the “Copy Card” fast parameters transfer option and for Televis connection.
  • The IS 972 LX - IS 974 LX controllers are devices suitable for applications on normal or low temperature refrigerating units with fans; they include a master unit and a power slave unit EWEM 233 - EWEM 243, connected to each other by a multipolar cable with quick coupling.
  • The master unit is available in the 32x74 split format, 30 mm depth
  • The power slave unit in the 4 module DIN-rail format
  • The power supply voltage is 230 Vac.
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