Elco DD 10-8 CENTRIFUGAL FAN 245 watt
  • Elco DD 10-8 CENTRIFUGAL FAN 245 watt
  • Elco DD 10-8 CENTRIFUGAL FAN 245 watt
  • Elco DD 10-8 CENTRIFUGAL FAN 245 watt
  • Elco DD 10-8 CENTRIFUGAL FAN 245 watt
  • Elco DD 10-8 CENTRIFUGAL FAN 245 watt

Elco DD 10-8 CENTRIFUGAL FAN 245 watt


Elco DD 10-8 CENTRIFUGAL FAN 245 watt



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Elco DD 10-8 CENTRIFUGAL FAN 245 watt

ELCO is one of the few world-wide manufacturers with more than 50 years of experience in the production of fan deck units used in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning field (HVAC). Its acknowledged leadership is the result of a specific know-how both in the design and in the manufacturing of fractional horsepower motors combined along with an excellent mastership of aeraulic techniques, as well as a range of products that satisfy all market requirements. The recent international development of the ELCO Group, with its manufacturing plants located worldwide, represents the best preliminary condition to offer “ELCO solutions” not only to a domestic/european market but even and above all to a “global” market both in the research of integrated solutions (e.g. fan-decks) and single basic components.

The multi-decade experience in the design of these particular fans is stored in a complete database from where customers can choose, among a wide range of technical solutions, the most suitable for any single application. The technical team is provided with 3DCAD, an advanced lab for electric and aeraulic tests in compliance with AMCA 210-99 rules, a reverberation chamber for sound power tests according to UNI EN ISO 3741:2001, “cold” and “tropical” chambers suitable for the simulation of the real working environmental conditions of the fans. The “Research and Development” department is engaged in a never ending quest for innovative solutions, often ahead of market requirements, such as air volume regulation, energy efficiency improvement, noise level reduction and so on.

The increasing request of ELCO solutions led to a complete reorganization of production systems, by adopting high duty semi-automatic lines able to meet the constant growth of customers. These production lines are equipped with sophisticated instruments apt for granting selected products, computerized devices allow to display in real time the productive process and speed up the operating procedure; furthermore, the productive process is developed according to “LEAN PRODUCTION” and “SIX SIGMA” methodologies. IT tools in the assembly line show the production process in real time, increasing the efficiency of the process itself. 

The DD series centrifugal blowers, with forward-curved blades directly coupled to the motor, are the perfect solution for the application in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). The wide range of products and the coupling with PSC type motors allow the choice of the most suitable fan blower for any need. The ventilating part, composed of a compact housing made of galvanized steel plate has been specifically designed to supply excellent aerodynamic performances, whereas the forward-curved blade made of plate or plastics has been designed to reach high aeraulic efficiencies. The PSC motor, enhanced in its efficiency, has been coupled to reach, as a whole, a range of high performances able to respect the European Directive 327/2011. Peculiar solutions adopted for the motor fixing to the housing got the result of an effective reduction of vibration and, consequently, of noise level.

In spite of its small dimensions this type of motors can develop high power outputs and, above all, it meets the market request concerning the “energy saving”, besides contributing to a drastic CO2 reduction of the emissions in the atmosphere. The motor, supplied open or completely closed in varnished steel with 1 or 3 speeds, designed to work at supply voltage of 230 V, 50/60Hz, powers from 1/6 HP to 1 HP, is properly coupled with fans in the range from 7” to 12”. This coupling allows a wide range of aeraulic performances in order to meet the most challenging request

The Product All motors are designed and manufactured in compliance with the Low Voltage 2006/95/EC and Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EC Directives with reference to EN 55014-1, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, as well as the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, and in accordance with the Standards CENELEC EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-24, EN 60335-2-89, EN 60529, EN 60034-1.

  • electrofan with double suction and triple
  • speed
  • model DD 10/8 245W-IP55
  • 6-pole at 910rpm
  • air temperature min -20°C max +40°C
  • minimum back pressure Hst 0 (mm H2O)/0(Pa)
  • voltage 230V 50Hz 3.3A
  • capacitor 12.5 µF
  • with thermal protection
  • Made in Italy
  • DEDF63CB01+... ELCO
  • LF3526254 GEV
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ELco DD10-8

DD 10/8 Elco motor

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