3FBT 50-40/15 Elco motor
  • 3FBT 50-40/15 Elco motor
  • 3FBT 50-40/15 Elco motor
  • 3FBT 50-40/15 Elco motor
  • 3FBT50-40/15 Elco motor

3FBT 50-40/15 Elco motor


3FBT 50-40/15 Elco motor



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3FBT 50-40/15 Elco motor

  • MOTOR ELCO 3FBT 50-40/15
  • Num.ref.MFMREF153240490 
  • 230V 50/60Hz
  • 45/120W
  • 1300rpm
  • With capacitor 2µF
  • For bracket fastening 4 screws M4
  • distance 31 mm
  • shaft length 22 mm
  • for VM350-VM500-VM900-C150-C300-CB1565
  • G250-G500
  • Made in Italy

Single phase PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motors better ensure constant speed, smooth running at low speed conditions and higher efficiency; to minimize the low speed friction losses which in some cases may determine starting or working irregularities.
The fan coil motors are fitted with resilient rubber rings to avoid the possible vibrations of the fan blade that can affect the fan coil unit.

The motors are 82mm diameter (square bodied) and have sintered sleeve bearings to ensure noiseless running; bearings lubrication is provided through a fibre cellulose and oil mixture which secures long life running (in normal working conditions 12,000 hours running can easily be exceeded without relubrication).

The single shaft BTM motors use PSC (permanent split capacitor) motor technology that allows better efficiency than the traditional shaded pole at an affordable cost. Elco has transferred its long experience in PSC motors for large fans and blowers to smaller axial fans for refrigeration applications.
Single rotation models come standard with on-board capacitor. Remote capacitor, reversible rotation and multiple speed models are also available on request.
The BTM series is a drop-in alternative to our N series and uses same accessory range.

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