EWDR983/CSLX Eliwell 230Vac degela termostato
  • EWDR983/CSLX Eliwell 230Vac degela termostato

EWDR983/CSLX Eliwell 230Vac degela termostato

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EWDR983/CSLX Eliwell 230Vac degela termostato 

  • Eletrônica de degelo termostatos para versões de trilho DIN-aplicações de refrigeração/congelador.
  • Dimensões: 70 x 85 mm 4 DIN módulo, painel, de profundidade = 61 mm.
  • Mestre de painel proteção: IP20.
  • Entradas: 3 PTC ou NTC Sensores (exclusivo).
  • Duas entradas digitais sem potencial para programação opcional.


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EWDR983/CSLX Eliwell 230Vac degela termostato 

  • The power supply is 230Vac.
  • up to three inputs for NTC temperature probes (parameter selectable PTC)
  • RS 485 internal connector for the connection to TelevisSystem / Modbus
  • optoisolated serial port
  • simple and quick access thanks to the five keys on the front panel
  • HACCP function as optional
  • EWDR products, available in 4 DIN rail-mounting size (70x85mm), are designed for applications that require the mounting of controllers on DIN rails, like electric boards for cells or, more generally, for applications with centralized electric board.
  • This line of products has been specifically designed by Eliwell to meet all the needs of customers working in the commercial refrigeration sector.
  • 230Vac power supply
  • EWDR 983: two digital relay outputs
  • EWDR 985: four digital relay outputs
  • 12V-20mA output
  • EWDR 983 controller has  two voltage-free digital relay outputs for the compressor and defrost.
  • EWDR 985 controller has four voltage-free digital relay outputs to control the compressor, defrost cycle, lights and fans of the evaporator, or one auxiliary ON-OFF light output.
  • The controller also has a 12V-20mA output to manage additional loads like alarms.
  • The three analog inputs are used for temperature control, defrost and display purposes (or for the defrost of the second evaporator).
  • The defrost cycle may be time-terminated or terminated by the special probe on the evaporator when the end cycle temperature is reached.
  • The value read by the probe is displayed with three digits plus the minus sign. Reading with a decimal point is parameter-programmable.
  • The buzzer is optional.
  • All versions have a TTL connection to allow the use of the Copy Card quick programming accessory.
  • /CS LX models also have:
  • An internal clock (RTC) for the management of defrost operations
  • An optoisolated RS 485 internal connector for the connection to TelevisSystem
  • /CSK LX models also have:
  • Link Master/Slave network for the management of weekly and daily defrost
  • All models have two voltage-free programmable digital inputs.
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